Company EN-TECH was created in October 1996 year.
Our activity include design services and heating investment realization in area of: boiler rooms, water boilers with thermal oil and also heat recover instalations. In our offer You will find also devices like:

steam boilers EN-KP (płomienicowo-płomieniówkowe)
water boilers
boilers with oil heating medium EN-OD
water boilers
steam generators
pipe connection heat recover instalations (steam-water, water-oil, steam-oil)
steel containers
containers for condensate; coolers; fuel containers, containers for loose products

Rolling pipes is our profession!

Our devices are made based on our documentation and documendation delivered by the ordering party. We provide also full flexibility in choosing the fittings, all connections, support spacing. 
We project and produce devices according to regulations UDT, ASME, DNV, BV, GL and other classifiers giving products certificate CE

Very long and safe work of our devices, boilers and heat exchangers require service inspection, so we propose You conservation, service and renewal of instaled devices.